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Board of Directors

Representative of all the shareholders, the Board of Directors determines Group strategy and makes decisions about Group management structures and takeovers. It also carries out any audits or verifications, as appropriate.

The Board of Directors comprises 14 members elected for four years, with terms of office renewed on a rotating basis. Four of these are independent Directors, in compliance with AFEP-MEDEF corporate governance rules.

It operates specialist sub-committees to assist it in specific areas. Each committee reports to the Board on the results of its studies and preparatory work in its specialist area.

Founding Chairmen :

  Frédéric Lescure †

  Henri Lescure †

Honorary Chairman :

Emmanuel Lescure



    Member of the Founder Group.
    Controlling holding company.

    Date of first appointment: 2006
    (coopted by the Board on 16 December 2005).
    Expiry of term: 2018

    FÉDÉRACTIVE is represented on the Board by Sarah CHAULEUR.

    Sarah Chauleur has a postgraduate degree in Information and Communication Sciences and has served as Communications Manager for FÉDÉRACTIVE since 2009. She is also co-convener of the Première Pierre foundation (under the auspices of the Fondation de France).

    Other current appointments and duties:

    > Member of the FÉDÉRACTIVE Advisory Board