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Groupe SEB wishes you an excellent year 2018 !
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Thierry de La Tour d’Artaise receives the Award for Best Investor Relations by a CEO
As part of the IR Forum, the annual meeting of French investor relations professionals, held on December 12th, Thierry de La Tour d'Artaise received the Best Investor Relations Trophy by a CEO. In the absence of Thierry de la Tour d'Artaise, the trophy was awarded to Isabelle Posth, Director of Financial Communication and Investor...
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Disclosure of own shares transactions : acquisition of call options
Pursuant to its share buy-back program approved by the Shareholders' General Meeting of 11 May 2017 (11th resolution), SEB S.A. has purchased 30,000 American call options, referring to 30,000 SEB S.A. shares.
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2017 nine-month sales and financial data
STRONG MOMENTUM CONTINUED 2017 GUIDANCE CONFIRMED 9-month sales: €4,459m, +32.4% and +9.6% LFL* Third-quarter sales: €1,518m, +26.1% and +8.8% LFL* 9-month Operating Result from Activity: €389m, +25% and €406m, +30%, before one-off impacts of WMF purchase price allocation  ...
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Disclosure of own shares transactions: acquisition of call options
Following the first transaction concluded on the 28 July 2017, SEB SA has purchased on December 7, 2017, a volume of 30,000 American call options, over 30,000 SEB shares.
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2017 full-year results | Webcast
To watch the webcast - 01/03/2018 at 14:30 FT - click here. 
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2017 : excellent performances
              Sales of €6,485m: +29.7%, +9.2% LFL* of which WMF sales: €1,151m, +5.5% Operating Result from Activity (ORfA) €661m, +30.8% €678m, excluding one-off impacts of WMF PPA**, or +34.2% Net...
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Groupe SEB Financial Communication distinguished by the Extel ranking
The Group's Financial Communications and Investor Relations Department, represented by Isabelle Posth, is ranked at the head of its profession in 2018 by Extel, a benchmark in the field of finance industry rankings. The "Extel Survey" has been compiling an annual ranking of the best banks, brokers and portfolio managers in...
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Half-Year 2018 Sales and Results: Audiocast
Follow the live audiocast :  
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