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Communiqués financiers

Vincent LEONARD has joined Groupe SEB, he will succeed Jean-Pierre LAC as Senior Executive Vice-President, in charge of Finance
Vincent LEONARD has joined the Executive Committee of Groupe SEB in March and he will become Senior Executive Vice-President of Groupe SEB, in charge of Finance, on June 1, 2013. 
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Business Review for the 3 Months ended 31 March 2009 Further information
Provisional First-Quarter 2009 Sales
Provisional Sales of € 686 Million In a Shaky and Mixed Environment
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SEB: A Sustained Commitment to acting in concert
The 5 November 2005 shareholder pact between the members of the family-owned founding group, which held in extraordinary shareholders meeting 43.49% of outstanding shares and 60.56% of the voting rights of SEB SA as of 22 April 2009, has been terminated effective 5 November 2009.
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First-half 2009
Satisfactory Operating Performance and Pursuit of the Long-Term Strategy
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2008 Results: A Successful Year
# Revenue up 12.5% to €3,230 million (4.2% like-for-like) # Operating margin up 13.6% to €342 million (3.7% at constant scope of consolidation) # Attributable profit up 4.9% to €152 million # A solid contribution from China’s Supor # Financial ratios maintained # Recommended dividend stable at €0.94, to be...
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Groupe SEB is adapting its sites specialised in steam iron production
Groupe SEB’s Management has just presented to its European Works Council and the representative organisations an industrial reorganisation project concerning the sites at Pont-Evêque in France (Isère) and Erbach in Germany.
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First-Half 2008: very strong performance
 Solid growth and sharply improved profitability     * €1,417 million in revenue; up 15%, of which 6.8% organic     * Very strong improvement in operating margin to €117 million; up 49%, or 33% excluding Supor     * A significant contribution from Supor: €143 million in...
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 CONTINUED SATISFACTORY PERFORMANCE. Revenue for the first nine months of 2008 totalled €2,184 million. This represented an increase of 14.2% over the year-earlier period...
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Business and Financial Review for the Nine Months Ended 30 September 2008 Further information