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Become a shareholder

Being a Groupe SEB shareholder is about showing strong commitment and it is a sign of trust in the company. A stable shareholder base over the long term is essential for supporting our long-term strategy.

You have two options available - using your bank as an intermediary or using the SEB Securities Department:



  Pure registered shares Administered shares Bearer shares

Free share holding and management
Excluding charges applicable to stock-market transactions

Loyalty premium rights  
Double voting rights  
Personal notification to the General Meeting  
Direct information at home
“La Sélection” mail order catalogue at special rates  
Occasional offer for purchasing products at preferential rates    


In order to have a global vision of its shareholder base, Groupe SEB makes a request to Euroclear France on 31 December every year to obtain a list of its bearer shareholders and their details (IBS: Identifiable Bearer Shares).

On the basis of IBS results, bearer shareholders can receive the following year:

  • The letter to shareholders (2 times/year)
  • An occasional offer to purchase products at preferential rates (twice/year)

At any time, bearer shareholders can make themselves known to the Group Shareholders Department and benefit from the advantages available to them. 

Yes, you just have to ask your portfolio manager to carry out the transfer into a pure registered share account (or administered in the case of a PEA)
Upon receipt of your shares, the SEB Securities Department (our agent BNP Paribas Securities Service) will create a registered account under your name and will send you: 

In the case of a PEA, you can ask for a conversion to administered shares.
If you transfer your shares before 31/12/2018, you will be able to benefit from the loyalty premium in 2021.

Your shares are available at any time, you have complete freedom and you can issue your orders by internet on a secure website or by fax

In addition to the dividend, a loyalty premium equivalent to 10% of the dividend's value is paid to shareholders for all registered shares held for more than 2 years. For a given shareholder, this loyalty premium may not cover a number of shares exceeding 0.5% of the share capital.