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Code of Ethics

A global Code of Ethics

Code of EthicsIn ten years, Groupe SEB has doubled in size, acquired various companies and greatly expanded its international operations. It now has almost 25,000 employees around the world, with more than two-thirds of its workforce located outside of Europe.

Because a common culture and shared Group values are essential to the success of a responsible, ethical, global approach, Groupe SEB decided to structure and formalize its policy in the form of a Code of Ethics. This common reference system applies to all entities and was drawn up by representatives of the various sectors and geographical zones, under the leadership of the Sustainable Development Department.

Translated into the Group’s ten main languages, it was distributed to all employees worldwide in 2012. This document addresses 18 key areas, including Human Rights, anti-corruption, non-discrimination, environmental protection and prevention of conflicts of interest. For each topics, it formalises the individual and group rules of conduct to guide the actions of the Group employees and to help them make the right decisions. In case of any doubt, they can seek the advice of one of their Ethics Reference Contacts.