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Commitments and managment

Sustainable development in Groupe SEB’s policy

Joël Tronchon

Our position as world leader in the small household equipment market brings with it responsibilities with respect to the local and global ecosystem in which we live: consumers, employees, shareholders, public authorities, customers, suppliers, local communities in which our sites are established, etc.
To ensure our development, we must of course create economic value through our product innovations, but also create shared value for all our stakeholders.

As a matter of fact, to guarantee our leadership, we need to be receptive and never cease to strengthen our links with the environment: there is room for innovation even in the field of corporate social responsibility.

By virtue of its history, its values and its management practices, Groupe SEB has for a long time promoted a balanced and long-term development model, economically efficient but also concerned about the quality of its social and environmental policy. We are convinced that social imbalances or an irrational exploitation of natural resources might lead to adverse effects for the company and even jeopardize its future.

That is why Groupe SEB made a very early commitment to sustainable development: an ethical approach that is economically profitable, socially equitable and ecologically responsible. This approach to progress must be present at all levels of the company and on every continent.

Groupe SEB wants to be an active player in sustainable development and has defined five priorities for sustainable development, which are the subject of medium or long-term action plans : Enforcing ethical values, adhering to a social responsibility policy, developing territories and community commitment, creating sustainable innovations to meet consumer needs and reducing our environmental impact.

Vice President Sustainable Development