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Whatever the format, distribution is the indisputable link between the Group and the consumer. It is therefore essential to develop and maintain a sustainable and constructive relationship with our customers/retailers. The Group therefore bases its creative strength, on the reputation of its brands, and on the understanding of each retailer’s own codes, to achieve a coherent and segmented offering. This relationship, which often resembles a form of partnership, applies to a variety of areas, from in-store events to inventory management or even through to the design of specific products. This is particularly the case with All-Clad in the United States, which works on certain exclusive ranges with Williams Sonoma. In France, Groupe SEB has launched a cookware department at Darty, and is working on its roll-out in collaboration with the distributor.

In parallel, it is carrying out its sales plan in areas where mass retailing and traditional networks are under-represented or not present at all, by developing its own proprietary stores. These are called “Home & Cook” or Tefal Shops in Turkey, or Supor Lifestores in China, or Tiendas de Hogar in Columbia etc. and are future growth drivers.

Resolutely diversified distribution channels that are adapted to markets

From small retailers to e-commerce specialists, the world of retail takes on many different forms. That's why the Group has chosen to be present across all channels and formats, with an offer adapted to the positioning of its retailers, to the specific features of local markets and to the expectations of purchasers and consumers. This policy allows us to cover our geographical markets in a very exhaustive way. This coverage, combined with a finely-tuned understanding of demand and the launch of a wide range of products, is an essential driver for maximising the impact of our offer in each retail network and in partnership with stores.

In order to provide consumers with a better service, the Group has opted for a multi-channel distribution strategy with the aim of achieving its average national market share in each network. Our products and brands are therefore present in specialist shops, mass retail stores, small local shops and at our own points of sale, as well as on the Internet via the websites of our retail customers and e-commerce specialists...

30 top customers

>> 45% of consolidated turnover <<





Focus on... merchandising and category management amongst our retailers

When it comes to mass retail, the Group is focusing its efforts on the behaviour of purchasers in the store. The objective is to get the best out of merchandising and category management techniques in order to:

  • Make it easier for purchasers to make a choice and a decision to buy thanks to clear, structured displays
  • Reinforce our collaboration with distribution networks.

Stepped up sales with key accounts
Sharp recovery in activity with Carrefour
     > Robust sales growth
     > Effective sales campaigns
     > Joint efforts to regain market share on the             French SDA market
     > Group's 1st client in 2014
Lagostina breathes new lie into its image 
     > Establishment of new brand image
     > Introduction of a wide-scale online and offline communications campaign publicised in retail networks  
     > 37 dedicated sections and continuation of in-store roll-out spaces 



Rapid growth of on-line sales...

The development of new technologies and new means of accessing the Internet (tablets, smartphones, laptops etc.) is contributing towards the strong growth of on-line sales of small domestic equipment all over the world. This distribution channel offers numerous advantages for purchasers - they benefit from a wide choice of products, which they can compare and then receive their delivery at home.
The Group adapts its support strategy to the specific requirements of e-commerce by focusing on two key drivers – generating traffic and optimising conversion rates. By producing rich content (pictures showing the product on its own or in use, packaging, videos showing the product benefits or providing a response to consumers' main questions in pictures), our brands help to boost the number of visitors to e-commerce websites and help Internet users to make their choice and their decision to buy.

The Group also provides the same kind of support for our pure play retailers, such as Amazon, Pixmania, Taobao, etc., and for our traditional retailers who have set up their own websites, known as "click and mortar"  retailers, such as and



Taobao 11.11, the event of the year

For Taobao, the e-commerce leader in China, 11 November is THE day for internet purchases. This year, the store recorded sales in excess of
RMB 120 billion (approx. €16 billion) on just that one day in November.

With exceptional offers and unrivalled visibility, this day is also a key event for brands. Supor achieved outstanding performance with almost €65 million, which is more than 50% higher than the figure achieved on the same day in 2015, with rice cookers, electric pressure cookers,
kettles, slow cookers and steam cookers leading the way.





The Group supplements its sales approach in areas where large-scale distribution and traditional networks are not well established or not established at all, by setting up a network of its own stores under various names: "Home & Cook", Tefal Shops in Turkey, Supor Lifestores in China and Tiendas del Hogar in Colombia. These stores enable the Group to improve its presence "in the field".  

  • More than 1,200 own stores in 41 countries worldwide in 2016
  • Almost 4% of Group sales