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Groupe SEB's dividend policy is consistent over the long-term. It aims to ensure that shareholders receive fair remuneration for the capital they entrust with us, with a long-term strategy aimed at reasonably and regularly increasing the dividend when results allow it and stabilising it when the economic and financial circumstances require it. 

Moreover, for all shares registered for two consecutive fiscal years, the Group pays a loyalty premium amounting to 10% of the dividend (rounded down to the lower cent where necessary). For a given shareholder, this loyalty premium may not however cover a number of shares exceeding 0.5% of the shareholder's equity. Dividends lapse after five years from the date on which they are initially paid out. After this deadline, unclaimed dividends are turned over to the State. 

Diluted net income and distributed dividend per share

(in €)

 Dividends paid over the last 5 years

Years Number of shares remunerated Dividend per share (in €)
2017 (in respect of 2016)    
Dividend 49,619,442 1.72
Loyalty premium 18,816,050 0.172
2016 (in respect of 2015)    
Dividend 49,283,700 1.54
Loyalty premium 19,067,423 0.154
2015 (in respect of 2014)    
Dividend 49,237,120 1.44
Loyalty premium 18,902,996 0.144
2014 (in respect of 2013)    
Dividend 48,621,121 1.39
Loyalty premium 17,434,675 0.139
2013 (in respect of 2012)    
Dividend 48,324,105 1.32
Loyalty premium 18,759,948 0.132
2012 (in respect of 2011)    
Dividend 47,619,235  1.25
Loyalty premium 18,714,482  0.125