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Eco-intelligent products


 Eco-design, a driver for marketing innovation 

" For some years now, the marketing studies we have been carrying out have confirmed a radical change in consumers' attitudes towards buying a vacuum cleaner. Energy savings and reductions in sound levels are becoming major purchasing criteria. In line with the expectations of the market and with our sustainable development policy, we will now be focusing our offer on the eco-efficiency concept - in other words, making energy savings without compromising on performance.
Driven by European eco-design standards, we must now go a step further and offer our consumers products with increased potential for recycling and a high level of repairability. Eco-design is a key factor behind the Group's innovation and the differentiation of future products.


Bernard Dugelay

Vice-President Marketing,
Home cleaning and Home confort     


 New  universal label      

Since September 2014, a new european regulation requires manufacturers of vacuum cleaners to include a new unique label on each models. It takes into account 6 main criterias: 

> the energy efficiency; 

> the international marking scheme (from A to G); 

> the real efficiency of dust pick up on carpets and smooth floors;

> the annual average consumption of energy; 

> the quality of filtration;

> the noise level expressed in decibels (dB) 


 Savings can be made even in the bathroom

In spite of the economic crisis, sustainable development is still at the heart of the population's concerns, with people looking for high-performance products that  respect the environment. Since September 2013, consumers in Western Europe have been able to dry their hair without draining their wallets. The Rowenta Instant Dry Eco Intelligence only requires 1,500 watts to produce the same drying performance as a product requiring 2,100 watts. This is the equivalent of a 30% energy saving! The drying performance has also been improved thanks to an oscillating outlet known as the Moving Air Booster. Initial feedback from the retail networks, especially in Italy, has been very positive.









 Ultimate Eco Energy, the energy-efficient fan

This ceiling fan, a junction of brazilians industrial and marketing strategies, offers numerous key benefits to consumers: 

> It combines silent and efficient air flow, thanks to its new motor,

35% lighter thanks to the reduction of used materials for its                           conception,

> a ceiling fan using 35% less energy.

With Ultimate Eco Energy, Arno is taking a step ahead on its competitors.