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Everything about the General Meeting

The General Meeting is a special opportunity for providing information and holding discussions. It is held in Paris in May each year. By attending the General Meeting, shareholders can keep themselves informed of the economic situation, financial results and Group management and strategy. It is also an opportunity to meet the Group's top managers and talk to them.

Groupe SEB's last General Meeting took place on 17 May 2011. The next General Shareholder's Meeting will take place on 10 May 2012.

 There are 3 types of meetings: 

> The Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) takes place at least once a year.  It approves the accounts, fixes the amount of the dividend and appoints the directors; 

> The Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) is authorised to carry out any change in status and issue securities, stocks and bonds.

> The Mixed General Meeting (MGM), in which some resolutions fall under the authority of an OGM and others under that of an EGM.


How can I take part in the Groupe SEB General Meeting?

Every Groupe SEB shareholder - no matter how many shares they own - has the option of attending the meeting in person, being represented at the meeting or exercising a postal vote.

  • Shareholders holding registered shares will receive a notification to attend to the General Meeting directly from the company.
  • Holders of bearer shares should contact their financial intermediary to obtain a certificate of participation.


How can I vote at the Groupe SEB General Meeting?