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Germany’s TESTMAGAZINE rates the Freshboost blender “sehr gut*”!

Publication date : 09/10/2018 12:58

Fresh boost

Launched in Europe earlier this year, the new Freshboost blender innovates with a special vacuum mode that preserves the vitamins contained in fresh fruit and vegetables.

End August, German consumer magazine TESTMAGAZIN confirmed that the blender’s new technology keeps its promise, so that consumers can whizz up nutritious smoothies in seconds.

Many fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins C and B, but these can be destroyed by contact with oxygen. The Freshboost reduces oxidation by blending ingredients in a vacuum. Users simply move the switch on the top of the vacuum compartment to “Air Out

” to draw the oxygen out of the appliance. And it works! TESTMAGAZIN confirmed that smoothies prepared in Vacuum or Vacuum/Blend mode contained an average of 30.7% more vitamins than those prepared using the standard Blend mode. They also had a brighter, more intense color.

TESTMAGAZIN also liked the Freshboost’s two lightweight ToGo bottles, noting that they were leak-proof, highly resistant and so ideal for taking to work or school. And the blender’s Pulse/Ice Crush mode also scored high for its ability to crush or cut ice into different sizes, without blunting the blades.

*very good

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