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Global Market for Small Household Equipment *

Groupe SEB operates in the Small Household Appliances market which includes small domestic appliances and cookware which account for 70% and 30% of its revenue respectively.
According to the latest estimates, the global market for small domestic appliances is worth approximately €34 billion and for cookware €14 billion. These figures are estimates for the Group, calculated based on GFK and Nielsen surveys and from third-party organisations.

Breakdown of global market *

* 2015 figures

The Small Household Equipment market covers a very broad range of products, from basic utility items through to accomplished, innovative or specialist solutions:

  • basic household products are generally manufactured in countries with low production costs, and are subject to rapid range renewal. At the present time they make up a still small proportion of the market.
  • driven by innovation, our mid-range products generate market momentum – groundbreaking or differentiated products, new functions, new consumer benefits, advanced technical performance etc. And, on top of this, at the distribution end, in-store events and optimizing shelf presentation. The Core range segment still represents the largest part of the market.

  • High-end products are positioned according to strict criteria of quality, results and aesthetics. Leveraged by premium brands and commercialized through selective distribution networks, they are aimed at demanding and/or expert consumers who are looking for both status and performance.

From a geographical viewpoint, the global market of Small Domestic Equipment does not present any real homogeneity because it is fragmented into numerous national/regional markets. These are fuelled by a complex and multi-faceted retail distribution network that varies depending on regional consumption habits, the maturity of markets, targets or product ranges and the development of distribution systems.