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The Supervisory Board of the Fonds Groupe SEB

The Supervisory Board defines the strategic orientations of the Fonds Groupe SEB. It includes representatives of the founding members (all the French companies of Groupe SEB), and outside experts.

  • Thierry de La Tour d’Artaise: Chairman and CEO of Groupe SEB; Chairman of the Fonds
  • Jean-Pierre Lac : Senior Executive Vice-President Finance, Treasurer of the Fonds
  • Harry Touret : Senior Executive Vice-President Human Resources
  • Joël Tronchon : Sustainable Development Vice-President; Managing Director of the Fonds
  • Marianne Eshet : Managing Director of the SNCF Foundation
  • Guillaume Bapst : Director and co-founder of A.N.D.E.S (Association Nationale des Epiceries Solidaires), Social entrepreneur and a 2006 Ashoka award winner
The Operations Committee

The Operations Committee reviews and selects the projects submitted to the Fonds. It monitors the implementation of operations, thus contributing to the direction and improvement of forthcoming aid programmes.

It is made up of 11 members, all Group employees, chosen for their diverse skills (management, human resources, communication...) and their commitment to charitable activities.

The Operations Committee meets at least 2 times a year.


The involvement of Group employees

A small operational team draws up an initial shortlist of projects and ensures that they are implemented, in connection with the Group’s employees.

Each project is supported by project correspondent who is a Group employee. This correspondent, who works as a volunteer, supervises the project and manages it at a local level.

In addition, some projects also need other Group employee volunteers. A few examples of missions undertaken: Acting as a mentor for a youngster in difficulty, running cookery classes for isolated families...

Up to now, most projects are located in France, thus there are few possibilities to volunteer abroad. Please contact the site management or the human ressources department to check the local actions.