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Human Rights

To respect Human Rights

As a signatory of the Global Compact since 2003, the Group decided to evaluate its teams’ practices in relation to Human Rights in subsidiaries employing more than 10 people, starting in 2007.

To achieve this, up until 2014 it used the HRCA (Human Rights Compliance Assessment) Quick Check self-assessment tool, developed by the Danish Institute for Human Rights and, for sites operated by its Chinese subsidiary Supor, the CBSSC (China Business and Social Sustainability Check) a version of the HRCA, specially adapted for China.

These self-assessments, which were carried out every couple of years or so, covered almost 99% of the workforce and resulted in corrective action plans where necessary. In seven years, they enabled all sites to gain a high level of awareness of this issue. In 2015, Groupe SEB decided to take things to another level by applying the same ethical, social and environmental audit procedure that it operates with its suppliers to its industrial sites in hazard areas. In 2016, these types of audits will be conducted on the Group’s industrial sites in Colombia, China (SSEAC) and Vietnam.

Supor, the Group’s Chinese subsidiary, is not subject to this process since it has already embarked upon the SA 8000 (basic Human Rights of workers) certification process, which, by its very nature, includes these types of audit. Supor’s first site to be SA 8000-certified was Shaoxing, in 2015.