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Industrial Property


The mission of the Industrial Property Department is to protect innovation and defend it in the case of infringement. Supporting the R&D department, it intervenes more and more upstream, both in order to protect our ideas better and to explore little known fields.

In exploratory mode, the department marks out all research work by making an inventory of every single existing and filed invention (basic technologies, uses etc.). At the same time, Industrial Property plays a defensive role by building ramparts around our inventions and a more offensive role by blocking copies and counterfeits, whether they are of brands, patents or models.
To this end, the department actively monitors what is going on in the most sensitive areas (mainly China and the Middle East) in order to protect our rights. It uses a variety of methods including seizing counterfeit products, legal action and destruction.

In 2013, for instance, it seized and destroyed copies of the pressure cooker with handle-shaped controls, micro-perforation soleplate or the Actifry oil-free fryer along with the moulds used to make them. Such measures inevitably come at a cost, but this is less than the loss of earnings as a result of counterfeiting. For this reason, the Group works pre-emptively
in collaboration with customs authorities to limit the impact of these practices on its business.
Groupe SEB also applies a policy of protecting the digital assets used on its websites.
Filing patents

In 2013, the Group filed 115 patents, virtually unchanged from previous years and 216 Soleau enveloppes, making it the 18th largest fi ler in France.



Each year, Groupe SEB renewed its investments in terms of industrial property rights, with a specific allocation for each type of action carried out (registration of patents, measures to combat infringement, litigation management, etc.).