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Teams are organised by business area and by product line. Although France, as the Group’s birthplace, remains predominant in terms of influence, it is vital to consolidate in parallel our local approach using country-specific teams who know and understand local market issues and consumer behaviour. 

Within Groupe SEB, innovation is managed by multi-disciplinary teams whose ongoing collaboration results in pertinent and applicable products and solutions: 

Organisation Internal

At the root of innovation lies strategic marketing, which deals with market issues, analyses consumer expectations and is responsible for defining and implementing product policy. R&D works on selecting technological bricks and developing actual solutions. And finally,  design goes beyond simple aesthetics to work on product ergonomics and perceived quality.

This internal “innovation community” is not, however, self-sufficient but is of course open to the outside because it is vital to understand, analyse and exploit the first hints of market trends in order to ensure long-term progress. Which is why the Group works with many outside institutions such as:

  • universities, in France and abroad;
  • research centres such as, for example, the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research), the CEA (Atomic Energy Commission), INRA (French National Institute for Agricultural Research) etc.;
  • competitiveness clusters such as Vitagora in Dijon, which focuses on nutrition and health and which enables us to develop close relations with a large network of local small and medium-sized companies;
  • large international groups, such as Nestlé or Heineken.

The aim is to strengthen our own policy through complementary skills and expertise and, in so doing, maintain a competitive edge over our peers and our competitors.