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Investments for the Future: €9.1 million for the OPEN FOOD SYSTEM project

Publication date : 08/11/2012 11:08
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OPEN FOOD SYSTEM is a research project of national scope, supported by six competitiveness clusters, including Vitagora and Cap Digital. Its aim is to develop a standard ecosystem to facilitate food preparation via access to innovative content, appliances and services.

OPEN FOOD SYSTEM seeks to develop digital cooking solutions for the general public. It will offer solutions tailored to different user profiles, and will allow cooking enthusiasts from around the globe to share in a virtual community.

OPEN FOOD SYSTEM also intends to give professionals and the general public access to new “smart” cooking appliances, with the ability to monitor cooking settings automatically for optimal results and preserve the nutritional value and organoleptic qualities of cooked foods.

As the leader of a consortium made up of 25 industrial and scientific partners, Groupe SEB is coordinating and running this project, which will be launched on December 1, 2012.

It has a total budget of €21 million and will ultimately create 92 jobs at the partner companies.

OPEN FOOD SYSTEM won the Investments for the Future Program’s call for “Competitiveness Cluster Structuring Research and Development Projects” and, as such, will receive €9.1 million in financial assistance.

OSEO has a budget of €300 million for the call for “Competitiveness Cluster Structuring Projects.” The aim is to support ambitious and structuring collaborative research and development projects in an economic or technological industry with strong potential for economic benefits.

According to Bertrand Neuschwander, Senior Executive Vice-President of Groupe SEB, Strategy and Business Units, “We are seeing two trends in cooking: first, a desire to eat more healthily while reducing meal preparation time and, second, the establishment of web-based communities of cooking enthusiasts. These findings have inspired us, along with our OPEN FOOD SYSTEM partners, to find solutions to these new technological and culinary challenges, by combining our globally recognized expertise.”

Laure Reinhart, Executive Director, Innovation at OSEO adds: “OPEN FOOD SYSTEM is a project OSEO is proud to have supported and financed through the Investments for the Future Program. It unites high-quality players in the French food industry, emblematic of our country, and sets ambitious targets for it. The project brings together, under Groupe SEB’s leadership, small- and medium-sized enterprises, as well as research laboratories, selected very specifically to address these major scientific, technical and marketing challenges.”