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Investor Relations

For many years, Groupe SEB has been committed to establishing and developing relations of trust with institutional investors. The Financial Communications Department, based at the Group’s head offices in Ecully, France, applies a policy of regular, year-round information with the entire financial and securities community: sell-side financial analysts, buy-side analysts, portfolio managers, etc. While we obviously try to maintain close relations with our institutional shareholders, we also try to attract the interest of new institutional fund managers who are potential shareholders.

For this, we use a wide range of resources, from formal meetings for major events (publication of the annual and interim accounts, special operations such as acquisitions, etc.), road-shows, plant visits, conference call or individual interviews. The supports for these meetings (press releases, presentations, etc.) are available on this internet site at all times. Depending on what is in the news, we also organise thematic presentations on specific issues to give our financial contacts a better understanding of the Group’s overall environment and challenges.

In 2016, we had 55 road-shows, conference calls and individual meetings. We thus met or had contacts with some 459 portfolio managers, mainly French, British, German, Swiss, Belgian, US, Scottish...