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Networks and partnerships

The Group enters into partnerships to develop new concepts and boost its sales. Representing almost 10% of sales, these partnerships are major growth drivers for the Group. These partnerships may take the form of:

  • joint development agreements or distribution agreements that combine the expertise of the Group and its partner in order to develop and market a new product. The Group has, for instance, signed joint development agreements with major names in the food industry, such as Nestlé for Nespresso and Dolce Gusto and Heineken for BeerTender and The SUB , or in the cosmetics industry, such as L’Oréal for Steampod


  • These arrangements can also take the form of “image partnerships” that associate our products with other brands or organisations (WWF, etc.), licensing agreements with brands like Elite, guarantee contracts where, for example, we develop cookware lines in collaboration with notable chefs such as Jamie Oliver or Thomas Keller.

At the same time, the Group enjoys partnerships with universities, research institutes and other companies, working together on major projects which enable it to widen its field of activities and benefit from additional tools and skills. Notable examples include in particular, projects concerning health and nutrition with Nutrition-Santé-Longévité, Vitagora or Q@limed. The Group entered into a major European collaborative project in the fi eld of healthy living and general health, known as a Knowledge Innovation Community.


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  Master's in Marketing, Design and Creation - Audencia - Ecole Centrale Nantes - Ecole de Design de Nantes

Mastère Marketing Design et Création - Audencia Nantes

Launched in September 2010, this partnership with the Master's degree course in Marketing, Design and Creation at Audencia aims to expand the scope of our innovation process. This Master's degree is one of the pioneers in this educational approach, which brings together marketing, engineering and design in a single project. Having been in regular contact with people from the fields of design, R&D and marketing within the Group's Kitchen Electrics business unit, students on the Master's course carried out a market analysis and produced a marketing study on the issue of the requirements of older people in China. They were therefore able to propose a new product, supported by the relevant prototype, concerning the issue of the ageing population and the adaptation of small domestic equipment products. 


 Master's in Innovation Design Entrepreneurship and Art with the Ecole de Management de Lyon and Centrale Lyon

A sponsorship agreement was signed with the CENTRALE LYON - EM LYON alliance in January 2013 as part of an innovative training programme - the I.D.E.A. Master's in Science. With this agreement, Groupe SEB is supporting the educational aspect of the training by getting involved in the courses and professional conferences, as well as by introducing mentoring for "Grand Idea" projects. The Group is therefore contributing to the development of infrastructures such as FabLab and the upcoming introduction of a communal work space - Living Lab. This space, which will be dedicated to analysing and observing users of new innovative products, will enable students and Groupe SEB teams of stakeholders to identify consumer insights in order to continually improve the functions and user comfort of its new products. Living Lab is due to open its doors during the first quarter of 2014.



 Innovation Management Chair at the Ecole Polytechnique de Paris 

Launched in 2011, this is a highly selective educational partnership, which enables us to achieve several objectives. Primarily, this chair, which is open to five non-competitive industrial partners, aims to create a communal work space for sharing best practices and improving innovation management processes. Participation in the chair can take on a number of forms: Testimonies presented to students in the form of case studies, study subjects submitted to students on an innovation issue, conferences organised on the subject of innovation and open to specialists, group workshops etc. This chair has also enabled two students to join the Rumilly site to develop a recycling network for cookware. This project, which the students are managing and implementing at the site, is a first and it enables the Group to undertake a genuine sustainable development approach in favour of recycling mass consumer goods (cookware), which until now have not been processed.


 Mass Consumer Goods Chair - ESSEC 

The Group also has a presence amongst students for the third year in a row as part of the MCG Chair at the ESSEC Business School. This chair, which has existed since 1985, concerns research and educational projects in the fields of production, marketing, sales and distribution for mass consumer goods.  The students of the chair have privileged access - through seminars, internships and meetings between companies and graduates - to the mass consumer goods sector and the careers opportunities it presents. With this association, Groupe SEB intends to contribute towards the research and actions carried out in this sector.  According to Thierry de La Tour d’Artaise, Groupe SEB CEO, "This partnership represents a chance to get together with other parties involved in mass consumer goods in order to define subjects of common interest and define prospective analysis, share our best practices and listen to the young talents and marketing people of tomorrow."