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The new Cookeo multifunction cooker: success is one click away!

Publication date : 21/06/2012 09:22

One of the major launches of 2012 had taken place in May, with Cookeo, Moulinex's first intelligent multifunction cooker. It provides step-by-step instructions for preparing everyday meals both quickly and well.

Cookeo cooks everything (vegetables, soup, meat, fish, rice, grains, desserts), with a variety of recipes, in record time and without supervision. Everything is automatic!

The intuitive and interactive screen, featured prominently on the round, white base, guides the user:

  • one menu to select the ingredients to be cooked: Cookeo adjusts the temperature and cooking time
  • another to choose from 50 preprogrammed recipes
  • Manual mode allows users to choose between rapid cooking or browning for their personal recipes
  • and the fourth menu is for favorites. The "OK" button validates all the selections.

Cookeo was launched in France in May and will be in Russia in the second half of the year (at a price of about €250). The international roll-out will gather steam in 2013 and 2014. This launch is supported by numerous actions: store displays, TV campaigns, digital promotions, demos, etc.

Discover now Cookeo in video.

The buzz about Cookeo began even before it hit the market: it won the prestigious Red Dot Award, which rewards the boldest and most functional designs, as was the case for Apple with the iPhone 4, the iPad and the MacBook Air in 2010 and 2011.