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An occupational integration project as part of the Biennale

Project holder : BIENNALE DE LYON
Date : 07/2017 à 07/2017
Location : France

The Biennale de Lyon offers a step towards employment

Project's description

The 2017 Biennale de Lyon is taking jobseekers to the heart of the 14th "Floating Worlds" Biennale, using culture and contemporary art as a vector for occupational integration as part of its Veduta program.

This Veduta occupational integration project will open up a number of vacancies meeting the various requirements of the 2017 Biennale de Lyon over a six-month period. Additional support is provided by the ICARE community economy group.

The Fonds Groupe SEB is helping to finance the occupational integration project, which will provide employment for 10 jobseekers.