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Our values

Entrepreneurial Drive

 Global vision
 Leadership for change
 Initiative and agility

The entrepreneurial drive that has been motivating our managers and teams from the very beginning is the value that has enabled the Group to meet the many challenges that have driven its growth. It goes hand in hand with the spirit of initiative and concerted risk-taking, which implies excellent reactivity and the ability to use common sense. Commitment, tenacity and perseverance are essential to managing the dynamics of change, while maintaining some perspective and a sense of the long term. And because success always stems from a collective effort, cooperation among teams and the mobilization of the Group's networks are key success factors in the execution of its projects.


Passion for innovation

 Passion for products

Groupe SEB's history is punctuated by revolutionary ideas and ingenious breakthroughs, from the Super Cocotte to the Actifry deep fryer, not to mention the non-stick coating and self-cleaning iron soleplate. This dynamic of innovation is driven by the enthusiasm of the Group's workforce for its products and brands and by the unrelenting desire to improve consumers' quality of Life. Innovation comes from many sources and is enriched by technology, trend-spotting and creativity, as well as by the courage to achieve breakthroughs, with the knowledge that there is room for error in the quest for progress. This passion for innovation is a powerful driver of Groupe SEB.


 High standards

At the time of the founding of Groupe SEB, the emphasis was on "pride in a job well done". The language may be different today, but professionalism is just as relevant as in the past and it can be found in every field as well as in the quality of management. Professionalism, either in designing, manufacturing or marketing a product or in mobilizing a team, is expressed in the collective and shared expertise in a particular field, but also in the quest for excellence and continuous improvement. Beyond know-how, professionalism entails an ability to meet the targets that have been set and to foster a results-oriented approach by requiring method and rigorous execution.

Group Spirit

 Shared Ambition

Group spirit is the awareness of belonging to a single global team with a shared ambition. Over the years, Groupe SEB has significantly expanded and diversified the teams, making it possible to accelerate the sharing of best pratices and internal expertise, to take full advantage of its multicultural resources.
The transparency of the communication and the clarity of the information and rules create an environment of trust within the teams, one in which delegation and autonomy can thrive. Other components of Group spirit include an emphasis on solidarity and the ability to share in the Group's successes as well as failures.

Respect for people

 Corporate social Responsability

Respect for people is the cornerstone of Groupe SEB culture, which has been driven since its founding by a strong sense of ethics and deep-seated humanistic values. Diversity and difference are viewed as a source of enrichment, the basis for the Group's vitality and creativity. Beyond the ability to listen, treating people with respect also involves meeting one's long-term commitments, whether to an employee or an external partner. Respect for people combines both social responsibility within the company and social responsability in relation to the external environment.