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Registered shareholders

There are more than 5,000 registered shareholders, why not join them !

Registered shares allow the Group to know its shareholders better and makes it easier to maintain direct contact.
There are 2 types of registered shares :


Your shares are held in your name by the SEB Securities Department, which holds and manages them free of charge (excluding charges applicable to stock-market transactions, see the detail below).

Groupe SEB has appointed the company BP2S (BNP Paribas Securities Services) to manage the register of pure registered shares.

Your shares are held and managed by your financial intermediary (portfolio manager) in your usual share account. They are also registered with the Groupe SEB Securities Department. This type is particularly recommended in the case of shareholding as part of a PEA (investment savings plan).



Free share holding and management

(except for administered shares) e.g.: collateral for guaranteeing a loan or bank overdraft. Donation and estate issues: Creation of pure nominative share accounts for all beneficiaries and share transfers (loyalty premium paid for shares kept as registered shares).

                                    Loyalty premium

= 10 % of the dividend for all registered shares held for more than 2 years

Granting of double voting rights at the General Meeting

For each registered share held for 5 consecutive years

                       Reduced brokerage fees


0.30% excl. VAT with a minimum of €6.10 excl. VAT and a fixed bank charge of €7.62 excl. VAT

A dedicated website so that you can keep track of your account and carry out transactions 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.
Once you have received your account ID and password, you can log on to the secure website and access all the information concerning your shares (transaction history, value of your portfolio, issue stock market orders on line, consult your tax status etc.)

Portfolio statement on 15th February every year

Balance of your account updated and several lines of details provided, enabling you to monitor how long you have held the shares according to the date they were first registered.

Personalised information straight at home

Automatic convocation notice for the General Meeting, business and sustainable development report, letter to shareholders, invitations to shareholder meetings, ...

A team at your service:
BNP Paribas Securities Service:

SEB Securities department
Available from Monday to Friday
8.45am to 6pm

Management and handling of your shares (double voting rights, loyalty premium rights, notification to the General Meetings, dividend and premium payments, donation and estate issues). 

Tel.: 33 (0) 1
Fax : 33 (0)

A dedicated contact: shareholders' department

Personalised service: for information about your shares and the advantages you may benefit from.

Tel.: 33 (0) 4 72 18 16 01
E-mail :
Fax : 33 (0) 4 72 18 15 98



To carry out these transactions, you must use the relevant form: fill in the form to pass on your instructions to the SEB Securities Department:

  • By mail, to the following address:
    BNP PARIBAS Securities Services
    Grands Moulins de Pantin – Service des Emetteurs
    Service Titre SEB (Securities Department)
    9, rue du Débarcadère
    93761 PANTIN CEDEX – France
  • Or by fax to the following number: +33(0)1 55 77 34 17
  • Download the document : 

     Already a registered shareholder
     New registered shareholder

Time frame for orders:
BNP Paribas Securities Services processes the request within 2 hours of receiving the letter or fax once it has verified the assets for orders to sell, provided that this is received by BNP Paribas Securities Services before 3.30pm (CET Paris, trading day).
After this time and during the closure hours of NYSE EURONEXT Paris, the request will be processed by the BNP Paribas Securities Services by 11am (CET Paris) at the latest on the following trading day.

 To find out more

(extracts from the terms and conditions of BP2S)

Cost of a transaction for a shareholder:

  • Preferential brokerage fees: 0,30% of the transaction amount (minimum €6.10 excl. VAT).
  • Fixed bank charge: €7.62 excl. VAT.
  • VAT applied to brokerage fees: 19,6%.

Compte securisé

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