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Supor’s Vacuum Nutrition Plus blender wins a prestigious Red Dot Design Award

Publication date : 01/10/2018 11:30

With its good looks and innovative technology, the Supor Vacuum Nutrition Plus Blender is among the winners of this year’s Red Dot Design Awards.

 Launched in 2017, the Vacuum Nutrition Plus combines fashion with elegance, featuring simple textures, restrained colors and a user-friendly control panel scored highly by the reddot judges. And its technology is just as important as its esthetics: it is the first blender in China to offer both vacuum technology to preserve freshness, and “cell breakdown” technology to ensure that the nutritional quality of ingredients is retained after blending.

As well as looking good, the control panel makes the blender easier to use, thanks to its smart “duo-jars” and “duo-interface” technology. This allows the blender to identify hot and cold jars and display that information on the control panel, for an enhanced user experience. 

And the Vacuum Nutrition Plus has already proved popular with consumers who want to enjoy fresh, nutritious beverages. Since launch in September 2017, 120,000 units have been sold, mainly in China, and this Supor innovation has driven the market into the new era of vacuum blending.