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SUPOR finances the creation of 16 schools

Project holder : SUPOR
Date : 02/2015
Location : China

SUPOR supports the disadvantaged through education in all Chinese provinces.

Project's description

Since 2006, SUPOR (subsidiary of the Group in China) has implemented the ‘Supor School’ program in order to allow children of disadvantaged background from remote region of Central East China to access to quality education.

SUPOR financed the construction of 20 primary schools and their equipments such as canteens or libraries. Over 4 000 children living in rural areas could benefit from this.

On top of that, SUPOR has been developing training sessions for teachers since 2010 with the help of consultants in education.

In January 2014, SUPOR received the prize of the “best charity project” during the 4th Festival of Charity in China.