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Sustainable Development

Aware of today’s challenges, let’s innovate now to live better tomorrow

Thierry de la Tour D'Artaise

Humanistic values have always been a driving force behind Groupe SEB, which is always faithful to its principles: entrepreneurship, professionalism, innovation, team spirit and fairness. A culture of responsibility has emerged as one of the company’s guiding principles.

Groupe SEB was one of the first companies to set up an employees’ profit-sharing scheme and to involve them in running the business in a meaningful way. We are carrying on our commitment with a responsible environmental policy and active participation in community life.

To achieve long-term success, we must preserve a basic balance and take into account all the economic, social, societal and environmental facets of our day-to-day world in a collective, participatory process.

Creating real momentum for progress, genuinely involving the teams and finding innovative solutions in every area are our goals for building a future full of improvement, quality of life and hope.

Thierry de La Tour d’Artaise
Chairman and CEO of Groupe SEB