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Welcome pack : an innovative partnership with the French Red-Cross

Project holder : CROIX-ROUGE
Date : 10/2014
Location : France

Making settling down easier for vulnerable populations

Project's description

The Red-Cross supports people in difficulty in emergency situations and makes a point to help each person in having decent living conditions. In order to help them settle down in the best conditions in an accommodation or in one of the Red-Cross collective housings, the Groupe SEB Foundation and the French Red-Cross joined their forces and created the “Welcome Pack” project in 2013:

950 packs, composed of basic daily equipment (frying pans, pans, kettles, coffee makers, flat irons and vacuum cleaners) have already been donated to more than 1 800 persons welcomed in 20 of the Red-Cross’ housings in two years time.

Altogether, nearly 7 000 products have been donated through this partnership!