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Chairman’s message

In line with the philanthropic activities undertaken by the Company and its subsidiaries, the Groupe SEB Foundation was launched in 2007. In order to be more flexible, the Foundation became an endowment fund: the “Fonds Groupe SEB”. Its objectives are in the wake of the achievements of the Groupe SEB Foundation.

The Fonds Groupe SEB places its emphasis mainly on the fight against exclusion and supports projects which aim to bring people in difficulty back into society, with four main focuses :

- Integration through work

- Education and training

- Housing and healthy eating

- Help to people facing difficulties for health reasons



The Fonds Groupe SEB also relies on the support of Groupe SEB employees, who are encouraged to identify projects and to get involved in their implementation.


“The vocation of the Fonds Groupe SEB is really to hold out a helping hand to others. With this endowment fund, we want to mobilize the human and financial resources of the company to help the disadvantaged, and the priority of the Fonds Groupe SEB will be to bring as many people as possible back into society."


Thierry de La Tour d’Artaise
Chairman and CEO of Groupe SEB

Chairman of the Fonds Groupe SEB