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Social responsibility

In just ten years, Groupe SEB has doubled in size, acquiring several companies and expanding around the globe.
It now has over 25,000 employees throughout the world, of whom more than two thirds are outside Europe Driven by a profound sense of social consciousness, Groupe SEB pursues responsible management policies in solidarity with its human resources.

  • Values and Management Practices

    A shared reference framework
    Groupe SEB is profoundly attached to its basic values and managers play a key role in the expression of these values; they bring them to life on a daily basis in the decisions they make and in how they run their teams. This is why the Group has restated its values in "Management Practices", which constitutes a shared reference framework for all managers in the Group. In addition to their performance as a manager, they are also evaluated in terms of their capacity to lead their team in complying with the company's social ethics and responsibility. 

    A dynamic managerial community
    In the context of its growing internationalisation, the Group supports the dynamism of its managerial community, in particular through international seminars of Groupe SEB University and the International Management Forum. Additionally, as part of their integration process, new managers take part in a welcome seminar where they are immersed in the Group's strategy and values while beginning to develop a network of contacts.