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Social responsibility

In just ten years, Groupe SEB has doubled in size, acquiring several companies and expanding around the globe.
It now has over 25,000 employees throughout the world, of whom more than two thirds are outside Europe Driven by a profound sense of social consciousness, Groupe SEB pursues responsible management policies in solidarity with its human resources.

  • Male/female equality

    Workplace gender equality is an integral part of the non-discrimination and diversity promotion policy carried out by Groupe SEB. In France, it was the subject of a collective agreement which was renewed, at the end of 2015, by the unanimous agreement of all social partners. Among the actions taken to help people balance their work and personal lives, certain options were accorded in terms of flexible work scheduling, and several sites instituted childcare or concierge services arrangements (Rumilly, Écully).

    To take this a step further and get employees even more involved in the initiative, the Group decided to organise a general equality at work forum in March 2016 in France. In addition, to make it easier for women to enter technical occupations, traditionally held by men, specific training (awarding academic credits) has been offered to women in some French plants since 2011. The balance between men and women is also improving in management at the global level: in 2015, 36.1% of managers were women (compared with 32% in 2009) and accounted for 48% of hires in this category (40% in 2009)