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Social responsibility

In just ten years, Groupe SEB has doubled in size, acquiring several companies and expanding around the globe.
It now has over 25,000 employees throughout the world, of whom more than two thirds are outside Europe Driven by a profound sense of social consciousness, Groupe SEB pursues responsible management policies in solidarity with its human resources.

  • Global human resources management

    To support its international growth and ensure equal treatment for all, Groupe SEB has harmonised its human resources processes worldwide. They are integrated into a dedicated information system that makes them more manageable. This is particularly the case with career management applications that have gradually been extended to all its entities in the world. In 2014-2015, more than 93% of the 2,600 or so managers worldwide received an annual assessment interview.

    A set of Group guidelines on managerial competencies was finalised in 2015. This will be rolled out in 2015 and incorporated into the Annual Assessment Interview framework. These guidelines, based on the Group’s management values and practices, define the skills expected of a Groupe SEB manager in a common language, understandable by all. The Group places great importance on promoting from within: in 2015, 94% of its key positions were filled by people who had come from within its ranks. It also favours the geographic and job mobility of managers, with a view to career development and spreading a shared vision of the Group’s strategy and values. This mobility involves an increasing number of managers: + 60% since 2013.


    Groupe SEB has implemented a fair remuneration policy which is transparent and comprehensible to all. Using role evaluation tools, each employee can locate themselves compared to the rest of the Group in terms of remuneration and responsibility. In addition, the Group strives to increase the lowest salaries.

    In terms of redistribution of benefits, Groupe SEB is a pioneer organisation which for more than 50 years has shared its company results with its employees. 45% of the total profit paid out by the Group in France is distributed on a strictly equal basis between all employees.