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Social responsibility

In just ten years, Groupe SEB has doubled in size, acquiring several companies and expanding around the globe.
It now has over 25,000 employees throughout the world, of whom more than two thirds are outside Europe Driven by a profound sense of social consciousness, Groupe SEB pursues responsible management policies in solidarity with its human resources.

  • Diversity Charter and action plan


    Because diversity is a source of vitality, creativity and innovation, the Group promotes all aspects of diversity: gender equality; ethno-social diversity; age-group balance, inclusion of persons with disabilities, etc. Groupe SEB has a non-discrimination policy to ensure that all employees are treated equally as regards their recruitment, remuneration and career paths within the Group, in accordance with our code of ethics.

    In France, Groupe SEB has been a party to the Diversity Charter since 2005. Numerous actions have been implemented to support this policy at local sites and raise employee awareness. A Diversity Monitoring Commission and a Diversity council, with participation from the LICRA, were thus created to promote diversity and combat all forms of discrimination. The Diversity Monitoring Commission monitors application of Diversity action plans. It met twice in 2014. The Diversity council provides mediation services and recourse to employees regarding any type of diversity or discrimination related issues that are not successfully resolved by local bodies within the Group. In addition, each site in France has a local Diversity Committee. All the local committees were trained in 2014 in indicators and measurement of diversity by the specialised body ISM.