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Groupe SEB has been a pioneer in France by putting in place a special relationship with its registered shareholders - loyalty premium on dividends for shares held for more than two years, double voting rights after five years, preferential prices on a range of Group products etc. So far, we haven't found it necessary to create a shareholders' club, because the "circle" of registered shareholders works just like a club anyway.

Every now and then, we organise plant visits for our shareholders and this is an effective way of allowing them to gain a better understanding of the Group’s industrial challenges. These visits are generally well attended and much appreciated.

We also participate on average four times a year in information meetings held in various French towns, alongside other large companies. During these meetings, we present the strategy, results prospects and objectives of the Group. There is also plenty of time allocated for a debate with the audience, which often leads to discussions that are lively and very enriching, both for the general public and for the companies that are present.

The SEB share service looks after all stock exchange deals on behalf of shareholders, both buying and selling. Orders can be sent by e-mail or fax; they can also be submitted directly by shareholders via the Internet using their registered account (

Printed forms are available from the SEB share service or can be downloaded from:  


This is not a “pay-out ratio” policy - the Group has not decided to allocate a set percentage of its profits to shareholders.

The Group has a policy of regular payments to shareholders as part of a long-term perspective:

  • A reasonable increase in dividends when results allow
  • Stabilisation of the dividend where circumstances make it necessary

SEB shares held on 31 December are evaluated either at the last quoted price of the year, or at the average of the last 30 closing prices of the year. Thus, for the 2015 financial year, the average of the last 30 closing prices on the Stock Exchange, which is more advantageous from a tax point of view, could be used:

  • Last price quoted in 2015: €94.60;
  • Average of the last 30 closing prices of 2015: €93.653.