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For more than 40 years, Groupe SEB has implemented a business model which emphasizes growth, both organic and external, as well as competitiveness. To do this, the Group capitalizes on its strengths, which allowed it to progressively build its business and to turn a visionary approach to the trade into tangible, innovative solution, bringing progress to consumers and creating value for the Group.

4 main advantages:

  • An unrivalled portfolio of strong, differentiated and complementary brands, allowing the Group a unique level of international expansion, along with coverage of all market segments, from basic through to premium products.
  • A culture of innovation, constantly maintained and renewed, which is the keystone in its offensive, brand-led product policy. Over the years, the Group has thus built up, and strengthened its product leadership and its place as a key player in the market, for distributors and consumers alike.
  • Uninterrupted international development, which reflects today in its vast global presence in both mature and emerging markets, targeting unrivalled local leadership and constant improvement of relative market position.
  • A diversified commercial approach, combining both modern and traditional distribution formats and networks that exist in each country, to ensure the most comprehensive market coverage possible.