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History of innovation

The centrepiece of our strategy and key driver of our growth, innovation is written in our genes and remains deeply ingrained in our culture.

The Group’s history is marked by continuous or breakthrough innovations and by original concepts, new functions and clever solutions. These have led to tangible progress in the day-to-day life of consumers and have created value, mainly by opening up new possibilities such as the recent Cookeo intelligent multicooker, with its connected version enabling users to follow the preparation and to monitor it directly from its terminal, and the first Moulinex cooking processor, Cuisine Companion.

It is of no surprise that passion for innovation is one of the 5 values of Groupe SEB.

 Keep lively and growing our early pioneering spirit

Since the very beginning, Groupe SEB has always strived to offer consumers innovative products that make their everyday lives easier and help them feel good. The Group's flagship product, the Super Cocotte pressure cooker, paved the way for the first electric products of the Fifties and Sixties and the Group further enriched its range thanks to the innovations and expertise of the companies it acquired over the years - Tefal non-stick pans, Calor and Rowenta irons, Charlotte or Marie Moulinex combined processors, Krups espresso machines, Supor electrical pressure cookers for the Chinese market, etc.

They have all helped to ensure a simplified lifestyle, making everyday household tasks easier and generating time savings, "guaranteed" results on the plate, sociable eating and everyday pleasures.

But innovation is also part of the Group's capacity to offer not only simple products, but also services that anticipate consumer requirements.

The emergence of digital technology in consumers' everyday lives is an excellent way of maintaining direct contact with end consumers. The accelerated growth of technologies also allows us to offer new products and services to improve cooking and everyday lives in the future...



Some key innovations-clés ...

  • 1953

    - Launch of the Seb Super Cocotte pressure cooker

  • 1954

    - Invention of the 1st Tefal non-stick frying pan

    - 1st Calor Vapomatic steam iron

  • 1967

    - Launch of the first odour-free Seb electric deep fryer

  • 1972

    - 1st Tefal toasted sandwich maker with non-stick removable plates

  • 1974

    - 1st Rowenta vacuum cleaner

  • 1978

    - 1st Tefal raclette grill with non-stick trays


    - Calor Epilacire (home beauty care)

  • 1979

    - T-Plus, new Tefal non-stick coating

  • 1981

    - 1st Calor electronic iron

  • 1985

    - Tefal “Sensitive Computer” electronic scales

  • 1986

    - Calor / Tefal Supergliss irons with Durilium soleplate

  • 1990

    - Aquagliss irons with Calor / Tefal Aqua-System anti-scale cartridge

  • 1992

    - 1st Moulinex Genius smart food processor

  • 1994

    - Clipso pressure cooker with Seb single-handed opening/closing system

    - Dymbo vacuum cleaner with Rowenta Delta System head

  • 1996

    - Arno autoclean blender

    - Tefal Eureka/Ingenio cookware range with removable handles

  • 1999

    - Tefal Bodymaster: weight and gives a breakdown of lean and fat body mass.

  • 2000

    - Tefal Thermospot (heat indicator in the non-stick coating)

  • 2002

    - Calor / Rowenta Lissima professional hair straighteners

    - Calor / Rowenta Access epilator with rotating head

  • 2004

    - SEB/Tefal Sesame low pressure cooker.

    - Calor / Tefal Aquaspeed iron

    - Arno Repelente anti-mosquito fan

  • 2006

    - Seb/Tefal Actifry fryer with 1 spoonful of oil

  • 2007

    - Rowenta Silence Force vacuum cleaner.

  • 2008

    - Calor/Tefal steam generator with anti-scale.

    - Tefal/Calor self-cleaning iron soleplate with Palladium coating.

  • 2009

    - Fresh Express, the food processor by Moulinex.

  • 2010

    - Supor Induction rice cooker for the Chinese market.

  • 2011

    - Tripl’Ax, a revolutionary blending technology (6 blades, 3 actions) 

    - Barista: full automat coffee machine (professional technology at home)

    - Following an absence of 8 years in Europe, Moulinex is launching the Rubis range, with 25 to 30 products 

  • 2012 1/2

    - Derma Perfect, pulsed light hair removal device,

    - Naturalis, first dermo-nutrition device, permitting to consumers making their own products for face, body and hairs,

    Silence AC, the most silent hair dryer in Europe,


  • 2012 2/2

    - Freemove the cordless iron, without compromising on either autonomy or performance,

    Cookéo, the 1st intelligent and interactive multi-cooker,

    - Steam Pod, the new professional hair straightenning system.


  • 2013

    - Cuisine Companion, the 1st food processor cooker from Moulinex

    - SUPOR slow juicer, the 1st juicer for the Chinese market

    - OptiGrill by Tefal, the intelligent grill

  • 2014

    - Cookeo connect, the intelligent connected multicooker by Moulinex

    - Intense Pure Air, the first air purifier Rowenta (featuring Nano Captur technology) 

    - Ingenio ceramic de Tefal, the cookware range without handles and featuring a ceramic coating

  • 2015

    - Actifry Smart XL with its dedicated application which helps the user to prepare evezyday meals

    - Réveil Café the new morning coffee ritual : thanks to an extremely simple and intuitive mobile application, it works as an alarm cook and starts making coffee at the same time

  • 2016

    - i-Companion, a smart version of the famous cooking food processor Cuisine Companion

    - Tweeny 2en1, steam iron and garment steamer

    - Silence Force 4A, Rowenta's powerful and silent vacuum cleaner

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Focus on Groupe SEB’s recent innovations  




Capable of exchanging information, in real time, via a dedicated application, the intelligent connected multicooker is already bringing about a revolution in our cooking habits!

It is based on a simple principle: users choose a recipe from their tablet or smartphone, send it to their Cookeo connect to prepare the recipe and control it from their terminal.

The intelligent multicooker can also add the ingredients required for the recipe to the user's shopping list and provide advice on making the recipe with the help of photos and tutorials.

"Unlike some connected products, Cookeo Connect is not perceived as a gadget. As well as the initial benefits of making easy, tasty and varied recipes, there is also the benefit of interactivity," Xavier Boidevézi, Head of Market Development at the Kitchen Electrics business unit, pointed out. "During demonstrations, consumers are easily won over!"


A result of the partnership between Krups and Heineken, THE SUB® is the new sleek, stylish draught beer machine that has been created in collaboration with award-winning designer Marc Newson.

THE SUB® is aimed at urban consumers who want to enjoy a premium draught beer experience in their own home. Fulfilling the demands of a more everyday consumption, this new system features 2-litre kegs known as "Torps®", which guarantee freshness for up to 15 days after opening.


The abuse of alcohol is harmful to health. Drink in moderation


Featuring Nano Captur technology, the Intense Pure Air Nano Captur is an air purifier resulting from a partnership between SEB Alliance and Ethera (a company based in Grenoble, France), a manufacturer of equipment to measure and process interior air, which is significantly more polluted than exterior air.

To fulfil the requirements of this rapidly growing market, the Group's Home Care teams have worked closely with teams at Ethera to create a new range of air purifiers featuring this Nano Captur technology (a unique filtration system, made in France, which enables the definitive destruction of formaldehydes, the most dangerous pollutant of interior air*).

* 2010 ANSES rating – France


With Soft Extreme, Calor has put an end to painful hair removal with an effective, long-lasting and gentle solution. 

Five years of research, including an analysis of the pain messages sent from the skin to the brain, and three patents have resulted in an exclusive and innovative anti-pain systemSoft Sensation Technology.

A vibrating bar shuts down the sensors that feel pain so that the skin is desensitised whilst the hair is being removed. At the same time, a continuous flow of air provides a calming effect to counteract the heating sensation on the skin.