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23/01/2018 Présentation - Provisional 2017 sales
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30/10/2017 Presentation - 2017 nine-month sales and financial data
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21/02/2017 2016: a great year with record performances
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25/10/2016 Presentation - 2016 nine-month sales and financial data
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24/05/2016 WMF Acquisition
Strengthening Groupe SEB’s leadership and adding a new growth platform Listen to the audiocast here. 
26/02/2014 Webcast - 2013 results - February 27 02:30 PM FT
Follow the live webcast of 2013 consolidated results conference on February 27, 2014 at 02:30 PM FT. Join the webcast.
23/04/2013 2012 Full year résults presentation
23 9-month sales and financial data
A SOLID PERFORMANCE IN LINE WITH EXPECTATIONS Sustained organic growth A highly adverse currency effect over nine months A good third quarter 2014 objectives confirmed for Revenue and Operating Result from Activity   The audiocast of 9 months sales and financial data conference will be...
04 Syndicated credit line renewed before maturity
As part of a proactive debt management strategy, in July Groupe SEB renegotiated the €560 million syndicated credit line set up with its partner banks in 2011 with an initial maturity of February 2016. Taking advantage of highly favourable market conditions for borrowers and partnering with the same pool of seven banks, the Group...
28 Cookeo Connect: a revolution in the kitchen!
Capable of exchanging information in real time via a dedicated application, the intelligent connected multicooker sounds yet like a revolution for the kitchens! Use is so simple: the user chooses a recipe from his tablet or smartphone which is sent to the Cookeo and can then follow it either from the tablet or directly on the appliance....