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25/10/2016 Presentation - 2016 nine-month sales and financial data
Listen to the audiocast.
24/05/2016 WMF Acquisition
Strengthening Groupe SEB’s leadership and adding a new growth platform Listen to the audiocast here. 
26/02/2014 Webcast - 2013 results - February 27 02:30 PM FT
Follow the live webcast of 2013 consolidated results conference on February 27, 2014 at 02:30 PM FT. Join the webcast.
23/04/2013 2012 Full year résults presentation
14 Groupe SEB launches a website dedicated to innovators
Groupe SEB has just launched its "Innovate with Groupe SEB" website. This site is aimed at all inventors, scientists, researchers and designers who would like to submit an innovation to Groupe SEB. Groupe SEB, which receives a great many proposals from inventors every year, hopes to increase this potential by actively looking...
22 9 months sales and financial data
Business rebound in third-quarter Operating profit from activity stable, in line with expectations 2013 targets confirmed In a persistently difficult overall economic environment, consumer spending in the third quarter showed encouraging signs in some regions and stalled in others. The rapidly accelerating and...
13 Arno and Rochedo launch a limited line signed by Adriana Barra
"Arno e Rochedo por Adriana Barra" is the newly launched special line designed for the two brands by Adriana Barra. This stylist is wellknown in Brazil for her clothes with creative and feminine prints. "It was a perfect match for us," Eliana Leonhardt, Marketing Director, says."For Adriana cooking means...
10 Nutribread targets the gluten-free bread market
Gluten sensitivity has become a major social phenomenon. Nutribread by Moulinex has responded to this by offering three gluten-free bread and cake making programs. In Europe, 1 in every 100 people is liable to develop a gluten intolerance although only between 10 and 20% of cases are actually detected* today. 30% of the US population has...
22 9 months sales and financial data
The audiocast of 9 months sales and financial data conference will be available in English on on October 22, 2013 at 09:00 PM (FT) Listen the audiocast of Groupe SEB 2013 third-quarter sales and financial data
16 The new edition of Groupe SEB Zine is online
The eighth edition of this webzine is now available online and accessible from the home page of Let's discover the last news of Groupe SEB.