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03/05/2008 Groupe SEB awarded the "Family Company Grand Prix" from the ASMEP
Groupe SEB announces that its chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Thierry de La Tour d’Artaise, is today to attend a ceremony at the French Senate (Paris) to receive the "Family Company Grand Prix" from the ASMEP, the Association des Moyennes Entreprises Patrimoniales [Association of Medium-sized Family Companies], chaired by...
02/13/2008 2007: Excellent Results - A major strategic step
“2007 was an excellent year for Groupe SEB. We met or exceeded our objectives and laid new strategic foundations for our future growth. In terms of performance, all of our business and financial indicators are trending favourably, with strong growth in sales, steadily improving margins and a solid balance sheet.
01/15/2008 2007: a very good year
Strong sales growth Groupe SEB ended a very good year with fourth-quarter sales firmly up and full-year sales of €2.869 million, up 8.2%. This robust growth was achieved in a generally favourable market environment, in terms of both volumes and prices, buoyed by sustained demand.
12/21/2007 Groupe SEB successfully completes its tender offer over Supor
Last 21 November, Groupe SEB launched a partial public tender offer to purchase up to 49,122,948 shares of SUPOR, a leading Chinese company of the Small Domestic Equipment in which the Group already owned a 30% stake since 31 August 2007. The offer was valid for 30 calendar days and therefore expired yesterday.
12/20/2007 "1 photo to help 1 child" operation
Within the framework of its Foundation, and in its 150th year, Groupe SEB extended an invitation to all its staff to join with it in the fight against exclusion. So, during the last two months, almost 7,000 employees took part in a project (led by UNESCO) to provide education for street children in Burundi by posting their photo with a...
11/30/2007 Groupe SEB concludes an agreement with the Ossabois Group
As part of the revitalisation agreement signed in July 2006 with the authorities, Groupe SEB has just reached an agreement with the Ossabois Group for the re-industrialisation of its site located in Le Syndicat, in the region of Vosges (France).
11/29/2007 Groupe SEB celebrates its 150th Birthday
Confirmation of its strategy and identity as world leader in small household appliances
11/20/2007 Groupe SEB launches partial tender offer for Chinese company Supor
Holding a 30% stake in Chinese company Supor since 31 August 2007, Groupe SEB is launching a partial tender offer for the company in accordance with the Strategic Investment Framework Agreement signed in August 2006 and Chinese securities laws. Supor is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
10/25/2007 2007 Nine-Month Business Performance
Sustained strong Momentum Results in line with expectations
10/17/2007 A new tool to implement the Global Compact
As a signatory of the Global Compact, Groupe SEB uses its new logo (hereafter) and is increasingly involved in the process: in addition to its "communication on progress", he starts to use the HRCA Quick Check (Human Rights Compliance Assessment) on its sites. This questionnaire allows assessing the compliance of Human Rights in each...