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11/01/2009 The performance of the group in nonfinancial areas is recognized by Forum Ethibel
The mission of the independent consulting body Forum Ethibel is to promote socially responsible investment in Europe. In 2009, they renewed Groupe SEB’s listing in their Ethibel Excellence register of companies selected for their good performance in social responsibility areas such as human rights, corporate governance, human resources,...
10/27/2009 2009 Nine-Month Business Review
Sales and Margins continue to hold firm Cash flow very satisfactory
10/27/2009 Quarterly financial information business review and financial review
 for the nine months ended 30 September 2009.
09/16/2009 First edition of the International Global Compact Yearbook
With the support of the Global Compact, this summer the German media group Macondo published the first edition of the "International United Nations Global Compact Yearbook". This book collects best practices in corporate social responsibility and gives examples of the implementation of the 10 principles of the Global Compact. In...
08/26/2009 First-half 2009
Satisfactory Operating Performance and Pursuit of the Long-Term Strategy
Sales Hold Firm in a Challenging Environment
05/07/2009 SEB: A Sustained Commitment to acting in concert
The 5 November 2005 shareholder pact between the members of the family-owned founding group, which held in extraordinary shareholders meeting 43.49% of outstanding shares and 60.56% of the voting rights of SEB SA as of 22 April 2009, has been terminated effective 5 November 2009.
04/27/2009 Provisional First-Quarter 2009 Sales
Provisional Sales of € 686 Million In a Shaky and Mixed Environment
04/27/2009 Business Review for the 3 Months ended 31 March 2009
03/03/2009 2008 Results: A Successful Year
# Revenue up 12.5% to €3,230 million (4.2% like-for-like) # Operating margin up 13.6% to €342 million (3.7% at constant scope of consolidation) # Attributable profit up 4.9% to €152 million # A solid contribution from China’s Supor # Financial ratios maintained # Recommended dividend stable at €0.94, to be...