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More than 1,000 followers on @GroupeSEB yet!
Groupe SEB now exceeding 1,000 followers on its Twitter account ! A special thank you to all for your interest in Groupe SEB, and if you are not yet part of Groupe SEB community, join us on social networks! ...
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Gold Prize in Innovation for Rowenta's Intense Pure Air
The winners of the 10th Innovation Awards, held at the Paris Fair, from April 29 to May 10, have just been announced. The jury, made up of journalists from the general and trade press as well as a representative of Ebay, awarded 4 prizes in all...
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Cookeo Connect: a revolution in the kitchen!
Capable of exchanging information in real time via a dedicated application, the intelligent connected multicooker sounds yet like a revolution for the kitchens! Use is so simple: the user chooses a recipe from his tablet or smartphone which...
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Nutribread targets the gluten-free bread market
Gluten sensitivity has become a major social phenomenon. Nutribread by Moulinex has responded to this by offering three gluten-free bread and cake making programs. In Europe, 1 in every 100 people is liable to develop a gluten intolerance...
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Cuisine Companion win's the financial community's approval
On Monday 25 November, at the Alain Ducasse cooking school (ECAD) in Paris, Groupe SEB presented its new Moulinex all-in-one cooking food processor to the financial community (analysts, investors and journalists). Organised by Groupe SEB...
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Groupe SEB launches a website dedicated to innovators
Groupe SEB has just launched its "Innovate with Groupe SEB" website. This site is aimed at all inventors, scientists, researchers and designers who would like to submit an innovation to Groupe SEB. Groupe SEB, which receives a...
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Yesterday, KRUPS and HEINEKEN unveiled THE SUB®, the latest innovation for the fast growing at-home beer market. THE SUB® is a sleek, stylish draught beer lifestyle appliance that has been created in collaboration between KRUPS, HEINEKEN...
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SEB Alliance, Groupe SEB’s investment company, has invested, alongside the Emertec fund and NEC-K, in Ethera, a Grenoble-based start-up that is developing innovative solutions to measure and eliminate indoor air pollutants. The three...
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Investments for the Future: €9.1 million for the OPEN FOOD SYSTEM project
OPEN FOOD SYSTEM is a research project of national scope, supported by six competitiveness clusters, including Vitagora and Cap Digital. Its aim is to develop a standard ecosystem to facilitate food preparation via access to innovative content,...
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The new Cookeo multifunction cooker: success is one click away!
One of the major launches of 2012 had taken place in May, with Cookeo, Moulinex's first intelligent multifunction cooker. It provides step-by-step instructions for preparing everyday meals both quickly and well. Cookeo cooks everything...
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