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Steering Committee - Sustainable Development

  • Chairman
    Joël Tronchon
    Vice President Sustainable Development

In 2004, Groupe SEB set up a Sustainable Development Department in order to standardise, orientate and give impetus to a collective, participatory process in this area. A Sustainable Development Steering Committee was set up in 2005 to create genuine in-house momentum.


A cross-sector approach

The steering committee’s members represent the Group’s main business units. Their role is both to make proposals and to serve as sustainable development "ambassadors" to the Group’s external teams and partners.


Action plan over the next 3 years

Working with the different business units/departments of the Group allows the development of a document about the achievements and objectives regarding sustainable matters.
See the sustainable development action plan



Various communication media help to raise the teams’ awareness and foster the exchange of ideas:

  • The sustainable development intranet, which provides information about the Group's policy and news in this field. It includes a forum, a more interactive medium where any employee can ask questions or share personal thoughts.
  • Awareness-raising actions : training sessions on the Eco-Design guide and the Code of Ethics, International Sustainable Development Week... 
  • The Globe News electronic newsletter, a window on the world that monitors sustainable development.
  • Environmental, safety and diversity training complete this approach.
  • Presentations of the various operations to the Management Committees: the top management is regularly informed of progress made in the Group's Sustainable Development programme.
  • Fonds Groupe SEB also uses communication tools such as Intranet, leaflet...