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Supported projects


Unconditional support for the most vulnerable
Project leader : PENICHE ACCUEIL Date : 04/2018 à 04/2018

Péniche Accueil's “Balajo” barge is one of the only daytime spaces for homeless people in the Greater Lyon area. This space welcomes, informs, and counsels vulnerable people, giving them access to personal hygiene care and basic medical care. An average of 73 people per day visit the barge, which is located on the banks of the Saône River.

In July 2017, Péniche Accueil suffered a fire that severely limited their ability to welcome people. The Fonds Groupe SEB is helping Péniche Accueil rebuild its barge so that homeless people can once again come onboard.

Promoting the skills of residents in priority...
Project leader : VOISIN MALIN Date : 04/2018 à 04/2018

Recovery in a non-medicalized and compassionate...
Project leader : CLUBHOUSE Date : 04/2018 à 04/2018

Two million people in France suffer from mental illness. These illnesses, such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and severe depression, are the primary cause of invalidity and the second cause of medical leave.

Clubhouse creates spaces to help people with mental illness recover and resume their professional activity. The organization aims to be the missing link between medical recovery and the return to work of women and men with mental illnesses.

The skills of immigrants are an asset
Project leader : YOON Date : 04/2018 à 04/2018

In France, one out of six jobseekers is of foreign origin, and they are twice as likely to be unemployed as those of French nationality. The Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region is no exception, with one third of working age adults who immigrated to France less than five years ago experiencing unemployment. Among them, many have professional experience and are educated. Nevertheless, they have difficulty accessing the job market in their field, and often experience professional downgrading.

Fondation HCL projects focusing on individuals
Project leader : FONDATION Hospices Civils de Lyon Date : 07/2017 à 07/2017

Taking action in your hospitals

Promoting healthy eating among young children
Project leader : PROGRAMME MALIN Date : 07/2017 à 07/2017

Practical help to encourage families to eat healthily

Encouraging business creation
Project leader : POSITIVE PLANET Date : 07/2017 à 07/2017

Opening up new horizons in priority neighborhoods

Supporting expansion
Project leader : CANNELLE ET PIMENT Date : 07/2017 à 07/2017

Sharing both values and flavors 

An occupational integration project as part of the...
Project leader : BIENNALE DE LYON Date : 07/2017 à 07/2017

The Biennale de Lyon offers a step towards employment

Extending collection capacity
Project leader : BANQUE ALIMENTAIRE DU RHÔNE Date : 01/2017 à 01/2017

The Rhône Food Bank (Banque alimentaire du Rhône) collects over 5,200 tons of food donations every year from manufacturers, supermarkets, European and French food aid, farmers and the public.

Every day, it distributes these products to 30,000 people via 124 partner associations and community social welfare centers; the equivalent of 11 million meals per year.

Nearly 150 pallets of foodstuff are collected each week from manufacturers, platforms and producers… although the current truck can only hold 12 pallets.