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The commitments of the Fonds Groupe SEB

Groupe SEB has always had a tradition of being involved in the life of its surrounding society. Very early on in its existence, it adopted a social responsibility approach in all of its processes by advocating "A better life for all".
In order to sustain these efforts and strengthen its policy of patronage, the Group created a Corporate Foundation in 2007. In order to improve its flexibility, the Foundation became an endowment fund: the Fonds Groupe SEB

The Fonds Groupe SEB works mainly in the fight against exclusion by setting up of actions to help people who have been excluded from society or who are heading towards the margins to be given a helping hand.

The Fonds Groupe SEB relies on a network of Group employees, who regularly participate in projects on a volunteer basis. Their commitment and dedication means that real grass-roots partnerships can be made with associations, in order to help people facing difficulties.


The Fonds supports projects which aim to reintegrate people in difficulty into society, with four main focuses:

  • Employment,
  • A better access to education and training,
  • Housing and healthy eating,
  • Help to people facing difficulties for health reasons.

This is because work, housing and education are crucial tools in rehabilitation, and are often interrelated: how can you hold down a job without stable housing? How can you eke out a place in society when you lack basic knowledge?

The projects supported by the Fonds may be initiated by associations but also by social integration companies. They share a common denominator: they allow people whose path through life has been chaotic to regain their autonomy and dignity.

The support provided by the Fonds can take several forms:

  •  financial support
  •  donation of products (small domestic appliances and cookware)
  •  volunteer work by employees on various projects