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Shareholders' agenda

Groupe SEB aims to increase its shareholder base and gain loyalty by maintaining an active policy of dialogue and information. The relationship based on trust between Groupe SEB and its shareholders is established over the long term. It is nurtured on a daily basis by providing shareholders with clear and continuous information as well as through regular contact.

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   30/11/2000    06:30    Ventes et Résultats de l’exercice 2017    partger
   30/11/2015    14:30    Assemblée Générale Mixte de SEB SA 2018    partger
   30/11/2024    06:30    Ventes et Résultats 1er semestre 2018    partger
   30/11/2024    17:40    Ventes et informations financières 9 mois 2018    partger

     The Shareholders' information meetings are organised by the F2iC.

  • To assist to a shareholder's information meeting, contact us.
  • Minutes of the Shareholder's information Meeting in Lyon
  • Find out the presentation (only in French)

2017 General Meeting

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