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FFP Invest has been a registered company since 17 November 2011. It is wholly owned by FFP, a holding company listed on the Paris Stock Exchange, which is majority owned by the Peugeot family group.

Date of first appointment: AGM of 14 May 2013
End date of term office: AGM 2021

It is represented by Bertrand Finet, 53.

After graduating from ESSEC in 1988, Bertrand Finet started his career in 1991 at 3i Group, where he was appointed Chief Investment Officer. He held this post for two years in London before joining the Group’s French subsidiary. Given his experience on the Anglo-Saxon market, he was appointed Managing Director of CVC Capital Partners France in 1996, before heading the Paris offi ce of Candover France starting in 2006. In 2009, Bertrand Finet was made a member director of the Fonds Stratégique d’Investissement’s (FSI) Executive Committee, then in 2013, Executive Director within Bpifrance’s Fonds Propres PME Department and then Executive Director of Bpifrance’s Mid & Large Cap Department in April 2015.

He was appointed Chief Operating Officer of FFP in January 2017..

Other current offices and positions:
> Chief Operating Officer of FFP
> Chief Executive Officer of FFP Invest
> Member of the Executive Committee of LDAP
> Board member of SPIE