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Fairness and diversity


Our group embodies diversity: a source of vitality, creativity, and innovation. From gender equality to diverse ethic and social origins, from young people and seniors to the integration of people with disabilities, we consistently abide by our code of ethics, our non-discrimination policy applies at all levels:

  • recruitement
  • remuneration
  • career advancement within the group

As signatories of the Diversity Charter in France since 2005, we have rolled a number of initiatives to step up its application at sites and raise employee awareness.

Our Group includes the following:

  • local diversity committees at each site trained by ISM Corum on diversity indicators and assessments
  • a Diversity Council against racism and antisemitism as part of the LICRA international league.



A collective agreement focused on group gender equality in the workplace was renewed in France late 2015. It requires all our companies to draw up an action plan with assessment indicators on remuneration, promotion/classification, and training. These action plans are summarized in an annual male-female status report.

The following diverse measures promote gender equality:

  • flexible working hours for a better work/life balance
  • child care and concierge solutions
  • specific career training programs in technical occupations for women since 2011 on certain sites and planned for all French sites in 2016, resulting in potential career advancement.



Disabilities are a twofold challenge for our group:

  • fostering prevention through a workplace health and safety policy
  • integrating people with disabilities in the workplace

In 2013, we signed a three-year agreement on disabilities aimed at improving the lasting integration of employees with disabilities at industrial and tertiary sites.

The agreement provides for:

  • raising awareness in all employees through group workshops, a booklet on disabilities and a guide on potential aid, etc.
  • initiatives with our partner schools and specialized bodies for acting upon hiring
  • measures in favor of employees with disabilities, including the possibility for a 2% reduction in working hours at end of career with no reduction in salary, based on a medical prescription
  • the integration of employees with disabilities, notably on a temp-work basis and through the ESAT (French sheltered employment initiative)

As a result, the percentage of employees with disabilities in France exceeded the legal rate of 6,2% in 2016.