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Group attractiveness


Very attentive to the quality of work-life for our employees, we assess their perception through a survey conducted by the institute "Great Place to Work" since 2012. Our goal? Based on the survey results, implement country-specific action plans to improve each identified weak point.​

​The 2021 survey covered 49 countries (with 16 entities participating for the first time) and consisted of 93 questions across five themes: credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie. Approximately 86% of the approximately 16,700 employees surveyed responded to the survey. Regarding the results, there has been a positive progression:​

​71% of employees believe that Groupe SEB is a company where it is good to work (an increase of +3 points compared to the previous edition).​

The satisfaction rate for the overall average of all questions (Trust index) is 68%, an increase of 5 points.​

Finally, scores have improved in each of the five survey themes, demonstrating the effectiveness of improvement actions taken following previous surveys.​


Achieve a 75% positive response rate to this question in the Great Place to Work survey: “Overall, I can say that Groupe SEB is a good place to work”​