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Invented in 1953, the SEB Cocotte-Minute® pressure cooker manufactured at Selongey in the Côte-d’Or, revolutionized the daily lives of French people in their kitchens. 70 years of innovations and success for this iconic object which has become an essential feature in kitchens throughout the world.

The recipe for a revolutionary iconic product

The SEB Super Cocotte is the first French pressure cooker to be manufactured using the stamping technique, hence the name of the company, Société d’Emboutissage de Bourgogne (Burgundy Stamping Company) in 99.5% laminated aluminum, which is a very pure and light material and twice as hard-wearing as cast aluminum. Its lid is fitted with a sprung safety valve, a rotating operating valve and a clamp, which distorts to allow steam to escape if excess pressure builds up. In just a few months, the SEB Super Cocotte became a genuine phenomenon, boosted by modern marketing methods and the creation of innovative advertising campaigns: store window dressing competitions, advertising vehicles traversing the countryside, posters and even catchy slogans like the unforgettable "SEB, c'est bien!" (SEB is good).

Cocotte-Minute® Clipso’minut Tempo

Clipso’minut Tempo, the latest innovation

Thanks to its 2 lids, Clipso'minut Tempo is a 4-in-1 hybrid product that can be used for pressure cooking, slow cooking with lid, oven cooking and table service, thanks to its elegant design.

70 years of innovation, the eternal Cocotte-Minute®

Since its creation in 1953, the Cocotte-Minute® has enjoyed several innovations to offer customers additional services like its famous cookbook which also became a must-have and was translated in around ten languages. In 1994, the Cocotte-Minute® enjoyed another major technological revolution with the launch of Clipso. The pressure cooker now opens and closes with the single click of a push button and no more whistling from the valve. Over the years, features were added to make daily life even easier for consumers:

Cocotte-Minute® development over time
  • Easy and faster opening and closing
  • Cooking assistant
  • Removable handles
  • More responsible (15-year repairability, made from recycled and recyclable materials)
  • At least 85% recyclable
  • 80% of vitamins preserved*
  • 80% stainless steel used in manufacturing**
  • More than 400 recipes on the SEB app in France
  • Up to 50% savings in energy

The SEB Cocotte-Minute® in figures

  • Manufactured in France at Selongey in Burgundy since 1953
  • Guaranteed France Origin Label
  • 800,000 Cocotte-Minute® pressure cookers produced every year.
  • 300 employees at the Selongey site
  • The Selongey site is the global center of excellence for the Cocotte-Minute® pressure cooker
  • More than 75 million Cocotte-Minute ® pressure cookers have been sold throughout the world since 1953