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Training and skills development


Training is a crucial lever for skills development that involves all employees. The Learning and Development Department oversees the Group's training offerings and pathways, aligned with business needs, company strategy, and employee development objectives. This offering is supplemented by locally organized training programs, especially at industrial sites.​


​The Group's ambition is to foster a culture of learning through multiple training possibilities tailored to the needs of various roles, encompassing both technical expertise and soft skills such as collaboration, effective communication, creativity, and critical thinking.​

​The Learning and Development Department has strengthened the training offerings with specific pathways for different roles within the Group: Sales, Marketing, Research, Design, Development, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Finance, Human Resources, IT, Purchasing, Quality, Health-Safety-Environment, etc. Each pathway is co-created by the Learning and Development Department and a team of contributors from the respective role, overseen by a sponsor. Together, they identify the priority skills to develop/acquire in response to role-specific challenges while anticipating future needs. They review the pathway annually to ensure it remains aligned with evolving requirements.​

​Each career pathway consists of three "blocks" that include both role-specific programs and those common to a broader community:​

  • Groupe SEB Familiarization: Onboarding for new hires, compliance, essentials of the Group...​
  • Role-specific: Fundamentals, tools and technologies, strategic challenges...​
  • Transversal Skills: Leadership, managerial practices, personal development, soft skills.​

Depending on the case, programs are conducted in-person, through distance learning (video), digital learning, or a combination of these formats. Some are internally developed with internal speakers, while others involve external providers. The Group explores and utilizes various pedagogical approaches to create a rich, dynamic, and adaptable offering.​