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Group SEB Korea's social contribution awarded

The social contribution actions of Groupe SEB Korea have been awarded by the Seoul Mayor on December 2. Kay Paeng, Managing Director answers our questions.

What do the CSR activities awarded by the Seoul Mayor consist of? In 2013, we have been involved in 4 charity programs involving 96 of our employees. For example, each year Tefal products are given to 120 underprivileged families to encourage them to prepare nutritious homemade meals; special cooking classes are held while sharing enjoyable experience with the children in shelters; charity bazaars are organized with Child Fund Korea for the underfed children.

How did you contribute to the holiday season? On December 9, I paid a visit with several employees to a children shelter for a Christmas party. We raised the mood with Christmas decorations, a delicious dinner made with the children and special presents. Renowned comedians provided an entertaining gag performance. A real warm celebration for everyone!