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Cooking for good

Make healthy and tasty homemade food that is accessible to everyone,
With products and services that ease everyday cooking.

Because eating well is essential for staying healthy and aging well and meals are often an opportunity to share good times with family or friends, we want to make healthy and tasty home-made food accessible to all thanks to products and services that simplify everyday cooking and encourage sharing. All over the world, we help answer the question “what shall we eat today?” while being sure to offer a balanced, good and healthy meal that is prepared easily and without stress. We also aim to ensure that the solutions proposed contribute to a more responsible diet, promoting practices with less environmental impact.

Plat de gratin de courgettes


A healthy and balanced diet maintains or improves one’s general health. To help our consumers eat healthy, gourmet foods, we are developing a “Healthy and sustainable recipes charter” that will serve as a reference for the hundreds of recipes offered to consumers in product booklets or applications. The Group’s subsidiaries are also involved in raising public awareness of healthy nutrition by organizing events around healthy eating.

Bébé qui mange


Nutritionists are unanimous: eating home-made dishes, as much as possible from fresh ingredients and thus limiting the consumption of ultra-processed products (containing additives but also more sugar, salt, and fat) contributes strongly to improving the food balance. This also limits the appearance of certain diseases (obesity, diabetes, cancer, etc.).Cooking can, however, take time or appear difficult for some. This is why we want our products and services to facilitate home-made food with solutions that simplify lives, save time and help make healthy and good recipes.

boite emsa vrac


Beyond the health consequences, food preparation and choice have an impact on our environmental footprint. To encourage more responsible practices and respond to new food trends (flexitarian or vegetarian diet), we develop products that allow us to eat with less environmental impact. These products make it possible, for example, to limit food waste (storage boxes) and waste (bottles and isothermal mugs), or promote the cooking of plant proteins that have a less environmental impact than animal proteins.



- Create one program to make home-made food accessible to everyone in the Group’s main countries​
- Create a “healthy and sustainable eating” Charter for recipes accompanying products